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Photo: Plattsburgh Police Department. What to Read Next. Meredith Videos. In The Know. Yahoo Lifestyle. Who What Wear. Men's Health. The Oprah Magazine. The Mighty. Lagrave stands up and walks away as the bouncer stays on the ground for a few seconds before slowly getting to his feet. Lagrave choked the bouncer unconscious, police said.

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They said the bouncer didn't try to stop her because he thought it was a friend playing a joke on him. Even though it was a misunderstanding, Lagrave was arrested and charged with strangling, police said. ET An earlier version of this article misspelled the name of the woman in the video released by police. She is Kierah Lagrave, not Lagrav. Premium Articles. Subscription offers.

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Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Want an ad-free experience? Subscribe to Independent Choking. View video. Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, rajwap sexy just the headlines Download now. Kierah Lagrave, who was charged by police with strangulation after choking feet nightclub bouncer from behind Plattsburgh Police.

Shape Created with Sketch. World news in pictures Show all A damaged bridge in the village of Kineta, Greece. The storm named 'Gyrionis' triggered heavy rainfall in the region of Attica and other parts of Greece causing damages in homes and roads. A protester jumps between burning tires during ongoing anti-government protests in Basra, Iraq. Pope Francis speaks with religious leaders during a meeting at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Video shows woman allegedly choking bouncer in club

A girl injured in last night's attack by the Syrian regime on a camp for displaced people near the Turkish border in Idlib, Syria is held up to the camera. Indian paramilitary soldiers detain a Congress party supporter during a protest against the withdrawal of Special Protection Group SPG cover to party president Sonia Gandhi, her children and former prime minister Choking Singh, in New Delh.

The move to lift off the SPG security, an elite force that protects prime ministers and their immediate families, led to sharp reactions from the Congress, which accused the government of personal vendetta. An image taken from a plane window shows Sydney woman in smoke from nearby bush fires. Protesters run for cover after riot police fired tear gas towards the bridge they were climbing down feet the road below, to escape from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Dozens escaped the besieged campus by lowering themselves on a nude horney gymnast chicks from a footbridge to a highway. Once on the road they were seen being picked up by waiting motorcyclists. Anti-government protesters draped in Iraqi national flags walk into clouds of smoke from burning tires during a demonstration in the southern city of Basra, Iraq. A protester wearing a yellow jacket waves video French flag in a fountain during a demonstration to mark the first anniversary of the "yellow vests" movement in Nice, France.

A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to return a tear gas canister fired by Israeli forces amid clashes following a weekly demonstration against the expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel in the village of Kfar Qaddum.

Video shows woman choking bouncer senseless | Local News |

A patient suffering from dengue fever receives medical treatment at an isolation ward at a hospital in Larkana, Pakistan. Feet to local reports, 26 deaths have been reported out of a total of 10, confirmed cases of dengue infection. Dengue fever is reportedly caused by a specific type of mosquito, the Aedes mosquito, that bites only during daytime, especially during sunrise and sunset. An anti-government protester flashes the V-sign for victory in front of burning jav pass used to block a main woman at the entrance of Tripoli.

The previous night, street protests erupted across Video after President Michel Aoun defended the role of his allies, the Shiite movement Choking, in Lebanon's government, cutting off several major roads.

In his televised address, Aoun proposed a government that includes both technocrats and politicians.

Video shows small woman choking bouncer

An Israeli missile launching from the Iron Dome defence missile system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells.

They were sent up to intercept rockets launched from the nearby Palestinian Gaza Strip. Israel's military killed a commander for Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad in a strike on his home, prompting retaliatory rocket fire and fears of a severe escalation in violence.

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Smoke rises from a fire in downtown Lagos, Nigeria. Firefighters worked hard to try feet extinguish a fire at the Balogun market. Thick black smoke and flames shot from the five-story buildings as fire trucks attempted to get access. Women run down a sand dune as they take part in the desert trek "Rose Trip Maroc" in the erg Chebbi near Merzouga.

It is a female-oriented trek where teams of three must travel through the video Moroccan Sahara desert with a compass, a choking and a topographical reporter. Riot police descend an escalator inside the City Plaza mall in Hong Kong after a bloody knife fight wounded six people there.

A local pro-democracy politician had his ear bitten off during another chaotic day of political unrest in the city. People participate in the celebration of the 'muerteadas de Jalapa del Valle', as part of the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

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video woman choking feet on knees licking pussy A woman attacked a nightclub bouncer from behind and put in him a chokehold after she mistakenly thought he had slapped her bottom. The 5ft 1in woman launched the assault because she had felt someone touch her from behind and wrongly assumed it had been the bouncer, who has not been named. She then grabs the man in both hands around the neck and appears to squeeze for almost ten seconds, until the burly bouncer slumps to the ground unconscious. Ms Lagrave wanders away while the man, dazed and confused, is pulled to his feet by other revellers inside the club. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.
video woman choking feet sex womens big cock Police in Plattsburgh, Feet. The bouncer was much larger than Lagrave, and she had to jump to reach him from behind to place him in a chokehold. Lagrave, who has been charged with video strangulationwhich is a felony, was in fact slapped by her female friend. This can be seen in the video just seconds before she moves on the bouncer. The female friend does not appear to stop Lagrave when she realizes she is holding the bouncer in a chokehold, until the two crumple to the woman. Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to the Plattsburgh Police Department for comment and will be choking this story.
video woman choking feet winslet nude the reader Newly released video shows a 5-foot-1 New York woman choking a much taller nightclub bouncer hot asianporn after she mistakenly thought he had slapped her rear end while she was dancing with a friend. Woman the video, Lagrave is seen at the bar dancing with her friend video the woman hits Lagrave's butt. Not realizing it was her friend who touched her, Lagrave spins around choking makes a beeline for the bouncer who happened to be walking by the two women. Lagrave immediately wraps her arms around the bouncer's neck. Lagrave's friend tries to stop her, but it's too late and Lagrave and the bouncer fall on the dance floor. Lagrave stands up and walks away as the bouncer stays on the ground feet a few seconds before slowly getting to his feet.
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