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Esports skin bets are popular, controversial and unregulated, and for this reason we strongly advise against them and only offer them on legitimate e-sports betting sites. If you want to remain safe while e-sports betting, you should ensure that the online sports betting site you are registering with has a license that allows it to promote gambling and market opportunities to customers.

For example, customers in Sweden can only bet on MGA-licensed websites, while customers in Malta can do so from countries such as Poland and the Balkans. Similarly, but in vain, it is in Canada, and customers in most Indian states can bet on eSports by using licensed and regulated websites overseas.

In a handful of other European countries such as Malta, Italy, Spain and Denmark, customers can use licensed websites in these countries to place sports bets. Sports betting sites we recommend in the United States have a progaming fanbase and are licensed but the strict Online Gambling laws vary from state to state and limit what local online sports betting can offer. Top sports betting websites function as the only sports betting sites for over-18 year olds and have the full range of bets on popular sports games, sports organisations, sports betting competitions and sports betting providers.

While many popular sports bets offer odds and special sports bets, betting providers need to visit sports betting websites to find niche offers on which to bet. If you want to bet on the best odds and paylines, you can do so on the leading sports betting sites operating online. In addition, many of the best known e-sport betting sites in the UK such as Bet365 offer impressive odds on sports betting.

The emergence of esports or professional video game competitions has introduced a new addition to the world of sports betting. Unlike Bitcoin, esports has not yet received the same recognition as other traditional sports betting contests. However, in the United States, sports betting is one of the fastest growing sports bets with both legal and illegal sports betting putting bets on the sport in the country.

This guide will cover a number of different sportsbook sites that serve American players in US dollars, as well as the best deposit options that can be used to place a bet on your favorite players and teams. Let’s examine the top five dozen esports bitcoin betting sites available to you to bet on esports using bitcoin. Bitcoin sports betting is very common, consider how websites such as EsportBet offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

The only way to get a comprehensive sports betting menu is to gamble on games offered on offshore betting sites operated outside the US. Certain events such as DreamHack appear on most sportsbook sites, but smaller events such as IEM and Oakland Cup require more research to find the right bookmaker, and the same goes for every game you bet on. Regardless of which sport you are betting on on one of the 18 gambling sites listed below, you must be sure that you are able to evaluate the game, the rules of the game, and how you evaluate the skill and historical performance of the professional players who make the esports team in question.

The best providers of Bitcoin betting sites, which offer deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, do not have the same restrictions. This allows them to operate legally and accept players. You can get hundreds of lines on top sports games by placing your bets on online sports bets that operate outside of U.S. jurisdiction.