Beginners Guide to Slot Machines

Hey internet, it’s your old friend Dominic here!

Today I’m going to review slot machines so you can start spinning those reels today!


A slot is a luck-based betting game consisting of rows and columns of symbols that shuffle around when you place a small bet by hitting a button, giving you a chance to win money depending on if and how certain symbols are aligned.

The actual “spinning” function is just a throwback to old mechanical slot machines and has just been kept for its style and entertainment value since slots these days are electronic or digital and don’t actually need to spin to work.

Each spin costs money but has a small chance of making you win some. So it’s quite an addictive and fun type of game if played responsibly. On every spin, there’s always a small chance of you hitting a jackpot, which is a big win. These happen rarely, but the payout is usually quite large and satisfying.

Normally, you can choose how much to bet at every spin. The higher the wager, the more lines (meaning the combinations of rows and columns) will be available to you, thus the higher the chances of winning something back.

While the gameplay is almost the same across all slot games, there are a few minor differences that are worth talking about.

High volatility slots are ones that take low bets, like a few cents, but have you win more often albeit lower amounts. Low volatility is basically the opposite: you bet big and you win big, but less often. So you’ll have to check the volatility of your slot game to see if you’re up for risking it with higher bets or going for a more casual and relaxed approach with small bets.

The payout rate is the percentage of money put into the slot that will eventually be paid out again over the long run. The percentage usually fluctuates between 85% and 98% so it’s best to look out for games with high payout rates to maximize your chances. To be clear, this doesn’t mean if you put 100$ into a slot with a 98% payout rate, that you’ll get 98$ back. It means that over a long period of time, be it weeks, months, with millions of spins being made, mathematically the slot should eventually meet a number around that percentage. You can definitely win big in the short term, and that’s what you should be aiming for when playing slots. If you just sit at a slot for ages, don’t expect to make your money back in the long run, as mathematically that’s highly unlikely. The best strategy is to play in short bursts, cross your fingers and just have some fun.

Paylines (or sometimes simply called “lines”) are the patterns that the symbols can make in order to achieve a win, indicated as lines running across the rows and columns that can be seen by activating the function in the slot itself. Some slots have more or fewer lines, others allow you to choose how many lines to have (which changes the minimum bet per spin). Knowing this won’t really affect your chances of winning, but will at least make you more aware of when you’ll hit a win on which games.

Each slot likes to have its own little bonus mini-game that you usually activate by having the right pattern on bonus symbols. Often, they consist of you picking the correct icons on the screen to reveal bonus wins. I’d also like to point out that the wins and losses in these bonus games aren’t pre-determined. Whether you win or not is, in fact, dependent on which icon you press. It’s worth looking up these bonus games before playing a slot to see which might be more entertaining for you.

These are different types of slot games. Normally with slots, there is a fixed jackpot you can win at any given time. In progressive slots, the jackpot isn’t fixed and instead is comprised of a pool of money that is contributed to every time you make a spin. So the potential jackpot you can win grows and grows the more you play. In addition to this, the jackpot grows even with the contribution of other players who are playing the same slot. All of them competing, so to speak, to win it. It’s a slot that you should play if you’re looking for a big win. The most important thing to remember about progressive slots is that the chance of you winning the jackpot is significantly lower than a regular slot since the win is massive in comparison. It’s comparable to your chances of winning the lottery.


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